Gallery Show Entry Rules

Maryland Photography Alliance

2017 Contest Rules and Image Submission Guidelines

The Maryland Photography Alliance (MPA) is a union of independent photography clubs throughout the State of Maryland. It was formed for the mutual benefit of its member clubs with a mission to promote collaboration, cooperation, and sharing resources.

Activities in the upcoming months include this photography contest, a Gallery Show in November, and a One-Day Seminar early next year.

This photography contest and corresponding Gallery Show are expected to be among the biggest in the State of Maryland. MPA thanks you for participating.

Participants must a member in good standing in at least one MPA member. Participants who belong to multiple MPA clubs may submit a maximum of two images. There are no fees to participate in this contest.

# of Images
Participants may enter up to two (2) photographs via digital submission.

Photographs must be assigned to a category. More than one (1) entry image can be assigned to the same category. The categories are Landscape, Street, Wildlife, and Other.

Image Manipulation
Entries must be created with light sensitive devices such as film or digital camera, as well as scanned film, enlarger, copier or flatbed scanner, etc. Images that were not created with light sensitive devices are not photographs and are not permitted. Computer-manipulated mages are eligible for competition. There is no restriction on the amount of manipulation performed.

Voting and Judges
Voting will be done by a panel of judges using an electronic voting box and digital projection. The judging will be private, and the judge’s decisions are final.

Gallery Show
A gallery show of the highest rated images will take place at the Columbia Art Center during November, 2017. MPA will determine the number of top images that can be displayed at no cost. Other participants with top images will be given an opportunity to have their images displayed for a nominal fee. Participants, whose images are chosen, are encouraged, but not obligated, to participate. All expenses for printing, matting and framing are the Participant’s obligation. Participants may choose to sell their winning images in the Gallery; the Gallery receives a normal commission. All other proceeds go to the photographer.

Submitted Image Guidelines
Must be JPG format
Adobe (1998) color space
Image files should be flattened (no layers) and must be 8-bit files, either RGB or grayscale mode images.
·         Maximum allowable digital image size is 1080 pixels per side
·         File Naming: Title_Your Name. Example: Morning Light_John Doe

If you have questions about this contest, contact us at